Talia Mint Features Again For VR Foot Fetish

foot fetish model Talia Mint in lingerie pointing pistol at her head

Perhaps a little surprisingly, there’s still a shortage of foot fetish sites in virtual reality. Foot worship is a popular niche, and foot fans are known to be particularly passionate about their fetish. And it’s a certainly a niche that one would think was made for VR. I remember during the brief period of 3D TV porn and the anaglyph porn comeback of just over a decade ago, every one of the many new short-lived 3D porn sites that sprung up were including foot worship scenes in just about every video. Long and slim extended legs and sexy feet that appeared to come out of the screen were the obvious way to show off the effect of 3D porn. It’s not so necessary in immersive virtual reality porn, where everything surrounds you, rather than jumping out at you from a flat screen. Still, one would think that foot worship is still one of the niches that are brought most to life by the medium of VR. For a foot fetish fan, having feet dangling in front of you in immersive 3D brings a power to worship those feet that are just not available when watching regular 2D foot porn. So the lack of dedicated VR foot fetish sites is somewhat puzzling.

There is one specialist foot fetish site in VR, named aptly enough – VR Foot Fetish. It’s produced by an Italian studio that has been behind a variety of successful 2D foot porn sites for over a decade.They launched their virtual reality site a couple of years ago. At all of their sites, the studio makes use of almost exclusively Italian girls (some look more Romanian or Albanian than Italian). They look like amateur glamour models, and most of the content on all of their sites is softcore, and mostly consisting of teasing the camera with their feet.

Beautiful Petra wants you to sniff her shoes and smelly feet

Join Her Now In VR

Petra is one of the most popular and regularly used models for the VR Foot Fetish studio, not only on their VR site, but also starring for their many 2D sites. This is typical content for the site, with the girl starting out clothed, and stripping down, teasing with her feet in shoes, nylons or socks, and finally bare feet. Here she wears a sports casual outfit, with sneakers and black socks.

VR Foot Fetish Try A New Direction With Established Star Talia Mint

After a long reliance on local amateur Italian models, it appears that recently VR Foot Fetish has experimented with another direction. The established porn actress Talia Mint has this week made her second appearence for the site. It will be interesting to see if this is going to be a more common thing for the studio – increasing their budget to attract some international VR pornstars. Despite not having much competition in this market at the moment (see below), from my experience as an affiliate, sales for VR Foot Fetish are actually lower than it’s closest competitor – Czech VR Fetish – wich covers a number of different fetishes and only features a foot worship scene every couple of months or so. This could be because foot fetish fans would like more international models, and it might be because the foot scenes of Czech VR Fetish are usually a little more hardcore, or at least have more masturbation scenes.

Sexy Nurse Talia Mint Has A Special Vaccine For You

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In her debut for VR Foot Fetish, Talia dresses up as a sexy nurse complete with what appears to be a vaccine injector. Her sexy white nylon is practically see-through and we get to see the soles of her feet in every detail. Meanwhile, she plays around with the ‘needle’ and touches her pussy and ass with it.

Talia Mint Seduces Burglar With Her Sexy Feet

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Talia in her second video for VR Foot Fetish. The ‘scenario’ is that she seduces a burglar with her sexy feet, although as the burglar doesn’t actually appear, it’s a solo girl VR video with Talia holding a gun and teasing in lingerie, ending with her masturbating her pussy with a dildo with her legs outstreatched and her nylon clad feet in your face.

Other VR Porn Sites For VR Foot Fetish Fans

Aside from VR Foot Fetish, there are several studios dedicated to the feet and legs fetishes, and they also tend to feature more hardcore action. The best dedicated foot worship of these studios is LoveHerFeetVR. For footjob lovers, there is no better studio than VREdging. All of the content of these studios can be accessed through a membership of VR porn hub site SexLikeReal. There is also CzechVRFetish, from the same studio as top 5 VR porn site CzechVR, and which releases a foot fetish video once every 6 to 8 weeks or so, and now has quite a large archive of them.

LoveHerFeetVR – Lesbian Foot Fetish

Join Them Now In VR

Sky Pierce and Isabelle Reese star in what must be the best lesbian footjob action ever filmed in virtual reality.

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