Virtual Sex for the disabled, the aged, and the lonely

While the inevitable moralists may see new dangers and evils lying around the virtual sex corner, it can’t be denied that breakthroughs in teledildonics and haptic technology have the potential to change people’s lives for the better.  Think of the disabled, the aged, or even the plain lonely and luckless in love, unable for whatever reason to experience the fundamental right to a sex life, and yet in a matter of years could be experiencing daily (virtual) sex more mindblowing than even the most successful playboys and lotharios of today could imagine.

I was rather moved by a review I read this morning from an extremely satisfied customer of the revolutionary new RealTouch virtual sex device.  The man related how he and his wife were no longer able to exprience a sex life due to accident and infirmary :

In 2000, my wife was in a horrible auto accident and now has an artificial hip. In 2006, I crash my airplane and now have an artifical spinal segment. Sex for us is almost impossible now, although we try our best! However, when both people are moining and groining because of the pain in our bones, it kinda takes the fun out of it.

The RealTouch, however, has already enabled him to achieve the thrill of sex once more.  He ends with a touching plea to AEBN, the  makers of RealTouch, to make a wish of his and his wife come true :

I love my wife so very much, but sex has become almost impossible for us.

Please sell me the software so that I can encode my own new videos!

We have old VHS video recording of my wife and I having sex together from 20 years ago when we first got married.

We could both watch these old videos, while physically feeling what it felt like back then.

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