Is This VR Porn’s Big Moment? Oculus Quest 2 Fuels Sales Spike

Oculus Quest 2 - Best Oculus Quest 2 vr porn sites
Oculus Quest 2 - Best VR porn headset 2020
Oculus Quest 2 – The best VR porn headset in 2020.

I questioned only a few days ago whether it would be wise to get too excited about the Oculus Quest 2 (launched last Tuesday), and it’s possible impact on the VR porn market. After all, great expectations were placed on the original stand alone headset from Oculus – the Oculus GO – and then the first Oculus Quest. Hopes that were never really fulfilled.

However, by all accounts, it does seem that the Oculus Quest 2 has been flying off the shelves this week, and consequently, the market for VR porn has grown massively almost overnight. This has been followed by confirmed reports of a huge spike in VR games sales. Although not yet officially confirmed (to my knowledge) by any leading studio, you would expect the same for virtual reality porn sales. Personally I can vouch for a big traffic boost to this site for search terms related to VR porn. This can also be shown in Google Trends, which displays interest through the Search Engine for a particular term, in this case ‘vr porn’ (in the USA) :


This is the biggest spike in traffic and search interest I’ve seen outside of Christmas, or the original release of the first Oculus Rift back in 2016. We’re still far from the dizzying heights of that holiday period in 2016, when the first headsets went on sale and virtual reality porn seemed to be the (immediate) future of adult entertainment. But so far, it’s looking good. The new cheaper, lighter, faster, and sharper Oculus Quest 2, certainly seems to be outselling greatly its predecessor (which itself sold over 1 million headsets, but which was hit by supply problems).

Although the Oculus Quest 2 is close to the perfect VR porn headset currently available to buy, questions remain as to whether the requirement to log in with your Facebook account will curtail the naughty activities of owners while using it. Already, a thread has appeared on the Oculus NSFW subreddit asking if watching porn in the headset will get owners blocked.

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