Adult VR Game vrXcity is Compatible with Oculus Quest 2

vrXcity vr version

vrXcity digital vr porn scene

The German based developers behind adult digital VR game vrXcity, have announced that it can be played on the new Oculus Quest 2 headset. Given that the Quest 2 appears to be flying off the shelves and fuelling a big spike in demand for VR porn, that’s quite a prudent and obvious commercial move to make, although they do acknowledge that you will have to tether the ‘stand-alone’ headset to a PC in order to play their game.

Nevertheless, it’s quite an exciting project, using as it does digitized avatars of real pornstars you can then manipulate around a 3D VR environment in a a variety of different and sexy scenarios. According to their home page – ‘In vrXcity you can sexually interact and play with famous porn stars. Plan the action after your preferences in stunning photorealistic environments’.

While most VR porn is currently recorded video, the future surely lies in the digital animation realm. Specs for recorded videos can improve (along with the resolution of the headsets to play them), studios and actresses can continue to hone their skils in the art of filming and making VR porn, but there’s only so much room for further advances. Not only does digital animation continue to improve and become more lifelike at an almost exponential rate, as in the case of vrXcity it can be combined with recorded footage to create something that is both ‘real’ (as in involving real humans) and interactive.

The blending of the digital and recorded video has been tried several times before in the last 5 or so years of this second wave of VR. Most attempts appear to have stalled. For example, Holodexxx was launched in 2016, but is still struggling to get past the Patreon stage. None other than the very first virtual reality porn site – VirtualRealPorn – launched an interactive digital vr experience with digital avatar versions of scanned pornstars, over two years ago. Again, that interesting project appears to have been put on hiatus. Attempts to create digital avatars for the nascent AR porn industry have also been made, and largely met similar fates – such as 3DHoloGirlfriend and Camasutra VR, although the latter did at least apparently have an adult game banned from Steam earlier this year.

A more successful example would appear to be Naughty America and their ‘Virtual Strip Club‘. The innovative site was the first to film in 4K, and then became one of the very first virtual reality porn sites. It’s been developing augmented reality porn for several years, and now has what many would agree constitutes the first proper AR porn content of an adult pay site. Their ‘virtual strippers’ – digitized scans of famous pornstars including Elena Koshka – can be viewed both in virtual reality and through your smartphone as augmented reality. Subscribers to Naughty America now get access to all their XR porn content, including 4K, VR, and AR, as well as their huge archive of HD 2D porn.

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Whether or not vrXcity represents any real development in digital VR porn, or is more a press release cashing in on the Oculus Quest 2 (they have been around in similar form for a couple of years), there’s no doubt that digital VR is coming along nicely, at least at the hands of developers working with software such as Virt-A-Mate and Naughty Sandbox, and Firebox Studio even if finished products are still short on the ground.

All the above are available to support on Patreon :

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