A look at the Womanizer – revolutionary sex tech for women

For the last five years, Womanizer has been revolutionizing the world of female sex toys, with its unique and patented ‘Pleasure Air Technology’ that stimulates the clitoris using both suction and vibration. The French language site SexHighTech, which like mine looks at the future of sex tech, kindly allowed me to help put some questions to the communications officer at Womanizer – Johanna Rief.

Could you introduce your company? Who started it, when was it
started and what was the purpose at the beginning?

The Womanizer was invented by Michael Lenke and his wife Brigitte in 2013 who live
in Lower Bavaria, Germany. When Michael read about a study that said many
women were having problems experiencing orgasms, he was determined to change
this. In his research he realized that there haven’t been any innovations for a long
time in the sex toy market. Furthermore, most of the sex toys focused purely on
vaginal stimulation, but most women only experience clitoral orgasms. The idea for
the Womanizer with its patented Pleasure Air Technology was born.
Womanizer is usually associates with “Pleasure Air Technology”

Brigitte & Michael Lenke, designers of the Womanizer
Brigitte and Michael Lenke, designers of the Womanizer

Could you explain in detail how it works? How did you “find” the idea?

The Pleasure Air Technology is a form of contactless pressure wave massaging, and
creates a slight suction feeling when stimulating the clitoris.
Michael Lenke was focused on creating something completely life-changing for
women. While most sex toys only stimulate vaginally, he wanted to invent something
for clitoral stimulation. With the Pleasure Air Technology there is no habituation effect
or over-stimulation.

How many products do you sell. Can you introduce each of them and their
advantages for the users?

Every model has an individual design to fulfil individual needs. At the moment we are
selling 6 different models. Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common: Our
Pleasure Air Technology.

The Womanizer product range

Recently you launched a new sex toy, Womanizer IO, InsideOut?
Can you tell us more about it?

In comparison to traditional vibrators, what sets rabbit vibrators apart is the additional
clitoral stimulator on the side of the product. In principle this is a good idea, as the
majority of all women can, for the most part, only reach orgasm through clitoral
stimulation. The female anatomy is however highly complex and most importantly,
very individual. Frequently the shape of a traditional rabbit vibrator does not match
the anatomy and the clitoral stimulator does not sit in the right position. The desired
result is therefore not achieved.

The InsideOut solves this problem: with a very flexible, ergonomic vibrator, nestles
closely against the body of any woman. What’s more, like all Womanizer products it
also features Pleasure Air Technology.

Womanizer InsideOut
Womanizer InsideOut

To ensure that your amorous play does not end too quickly, both parts can be
controlled separately. Thus, for example, you can start with the vibrator and only
activate the technology at a later stage. The unique design also enables hands-free
use for the first time.


The latest addition to the Womanizer product line is the perfect entry-level
model. Ideal for anyone just embarking on a sex toy expedition or just starting
to explore their own sexuality.

Womanizer Starlet
Womanizer Starlet

The Starlet convinces with a trendy design in a mini size. Easy handling is
guaranteed thanks to uncomplicated one-button control. In addition, the four
intensity levels ensure that no newbie feels overwhelmed by too many
functions. Of course, this model does not do without the revolutionary and
patented Pleasure Air Technology.

How do you work on a new concept? How did you have the idea of the
Womanizer IO. How long does it take between the time you have an idea and
the time it goes on the market?

Understanding the needs of women is the focus for us.
We listen to their feedback and make surveys which give us a holistic overview on
preferences and desires of women – and couples.
We do a lot of market analysis, monitor trends and react accordingly.
We try to cover all the different circumstances of women and allow them access to
their own sexuality through the simple handling of our products.
The period between an idea and the final product is very different. It depends on the
technical engineering, development and design. But in general, we calculate with
around about 9 months.

You opened a pop-up store in Berlin. What did you learn from
this? Do you plan to do it again, if so, where and when?

The pop-up store was a success. We welcomed nearly 200 women within only two
days who were willing to try our products. The great proof that it is important to
continue our mission and pay full attention to women and their self-determined
The next stores will probably be over Summer in Amsterdam and Paris.
We see more and more sex toys “connected” to an app, nothing like
this for womanizer?
Of course, we watch the developments in the market and think about what would
make sense for our product.

Do you have any plans to produce a male sex toy? Could Pleasure Air
Technology be effective in stimulating the penis?

We are currently investigating the possibility of a male sex toy. We believe men
should also have our “Womanizer experience”. The challenge is making it as unique
as the current womanizer. Due to the different anatomy of the male genital organs,
this isn’t easy. But we are positive about the future and are sure that we will be able
to launch an innovative product here in the foreseeable future.

Can you describe your consumer demographic? Do you think your
products might appeal to many women who do not normally buy sex toys?

We know that our products also appeal to customers that for example never bought
a sex toy before. Interestingly our target group does not have a specific age, we
have customers from all around the world and all different backgrounds. The interest
in the unique Womanizer feeling is not limited to age, country etc.
You describe Pleasure Air Technology as a revolution in the sex
toy market. Do you see your company creating any further revolutions,
or are you happy to focus on exploring the possibilities of this new
technology alone and refining the Womanizer products?
We will not rest on our past success and are constantly challenging ourselves to
provide more innovations. For us this goes hand in hand with the further
development of our previous technology and products.

The luxury sex toy market appears to be growing fast. Is this simply mirroring the
rate of growth in the sex toy market in general or is the sex toy consumer
becoming more sophisticated and more willing to spend on a great product?

Over the last few years women and men have developed higher quality
requirements when it comes to everyday products like food or clothes. Bit by bit this
thinking also arrives within the sex toy branch and therefore the luxury segment is
growing fast.

How do you see 2018, do you have new products to be launched?

In 2018 we want to develop ourselves as a brand, strengthen and expand our
market position and, of course, launch new products.

Visit SexHighTech for the original article in French

Womanizer website: www.womanizer.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womanizerglobal/?hl=de
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womanizerDACH/
contact: Johanna Rief – Head of Communication [email protected]

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