Autoblow AI Promises to ‘Feel More Human’

Autoblow AI

Autoblow AIBrian Sloan, creator of the bestselling Autoblow blowjob machine, has launched another crowdfunding campaign to produce what promises to be perhaps the ultimate blowjob machine – the Autoblow AI.

According to the Indiegogo blurb, the new Autoblow will be a ‘stroking penis gripper provides 10 different oral sex experiences using artificial intelligence’. Sloan claims that data scientists working for him analysed over 9 hours of pornographic footage of blowjobs and discovered 16 different oral sex techniques. The new Autoblow can apparently move its soft sleeve at 250 different points of a penis shaft at a variety of velocities.

“We spent the last three years listening to feedback from our 200,000 Autoblow 2 owners and in response built a new machine that mechanically better replicates the gliding and friction combination of the mouth and hand that men experience during oral sex,” explained inventor (and former lawyer) Brian Sloan.

“By using artificial intelligence to, for the first time, understand the mechanics of blowjobs, we discovered and replicated techniques that make using our machine feel less robotic and more human.”

The Autoblow AI, which requires a plug-socket connection, uses several sensor components to work properly.

It combines a microcontroller with an infrared beam sensor and magnetic field sensors to manipulate a fleshy sleeve across 250 different points – along a “5-inch-long stroking plane”.

There are 10 different modes available, including “the full stroke”, “fast edge”, and “top & bottom stroke”.

If the claims about the Autoblow AI are true and not simply clever markerting, then it will certainly represent an upgrade on the existing Autoblow, which although very popular and a device that ‘does the job’, still has a rather crude ‘made in China’ feel. If all goes to plan and crowdfunding targets are met, Brian Sloan hopes to have the Autoblow AI on sale (and delivered to Indiegogo backers) by next May. Meanwhile, you can purchase the existing Autoblow 2 by clicking the banner below :

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