Brian Sloan Creates Automoblow For Self-Driving Car Owners

Automoblow video showcase

It’s not yet known if Elon Musk approves or has tried the device himself, but male sex toy entrepreneur Brian Sloan has launched a version of his famous automatic blowjob machine that might just send Tesla’s stock prices even higher. The Autoblow has become the ‘Automoblow’ – a blowjob machine for owners of self-driving cars!

The original Autoblow launched a decade ago, and thanks to some great marketing from the genius of Sloan, quickly became one of the very few male sex toys other than the Fleshlight to become widely known. A second, improved version appeared a few years later, and more recently, the Autoblow and Sloan really found their defining moment with the Autoblow A.I. – billed as the world’s first artificially intelligent sex toy. An automatic blowjob machine that had been programmed using deep learning and thousands of blowjob videos to deliver the perfect suck off for any man!

Autoblow AI in action

It was difficult to top that, but it appears that the Automoblow might have done it.

Although primarily a genius marketer, Brian Sloan is actually very perceptive when it comes to matters of future sex tech and how sex toys will evolve with broader advances in tech and the ways of living brought about by them. So what he says about the need for the Automoblow shouldn’t be comletely dismissed as marketing.

While Automoblow inventor Brian Sloan admits that some may consider his automated road head machine “unnecessary,” the team behind the Automoblow maintains the device will become increasingly popular as self-driving cars become more common, leaving bored drivers-turned-passengers desperate for a way to pass the time they would’ve once had to spend operating their motor vehicle.

“Artificial intelligence, as it is used in self-driving cars and even in our male sex toy, frees humans from mundane tasks and allows us to spend our time in more productive ways or in leisure,” said Sloan in a press release. “As self-gratification is a popular leisure activity and controlling a car is not particularly enjoyable, it is self-evident that many men will choose to buy an Automoblow,” he explained, which, frankly, seems like sound logic to me.

Moreover, the press release explains that having a handy in-car masturbator will also give drivers the opportunity to rub one out before or after stressful events, “such as dental appointments and,” unfortunately, “funerals.”

The Automoblow Autoblow Mount For Self Driving Cars from Letsgasm! on Vimeo.

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