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Not many male sex toys have ever come close to enjoying the kind of familiarity and mainstream attention as the Fleshlight has, but the Autoblow – ‘the world’s first blowjob machine’ – had a very good stab at it. Now it’s about to appear in its third incarnation, and quite an upgrade it appears to be too, because this Autoblow is actually powered by Artificial Intelligence, invoking deep learning algorithms in order to produce the perfect blowjob for men. In fact, ten different perfect blowjob imitations to please any man. The new Autoblow is also promised to be much quieter, yet more powerful than its predecessors.


The first two Autoblows sold in the hundreds of thousands, proving there definitely is a huge market for a blowjob machine, and it will be interesting to see how this does. Like the previous Autoblow, the Autoblow AI is partly crowd funded, achieving its target by 500% after only a few months.

You can watch a video above in which creator Brian Sloan explains how the toy was developed using AI.

In a making-of documentary made by the company, we see the system was trained mostly by people. A group of people in Serbia were tasked with watching hours of clips on Pornhub while running a custom browser plugin. Controlled with a mouse, the viewers would drag the mouse up and down a digital phallus, the rhythm of the action on screen.

As ‘smart toys’ become more common (privacy concerns aside) both between couples and solo masturbators, it’s an interesting thought that the data gleaned might actually be used to create future robotic toys (and even sex robots) along the lines of the Autoblow AI that can promise to deliver the ‘perfect’ sexual experience. ‘Browser plug ins’ together with webcams tracking facial movements other biometric data during the viewing of porn, could result in the perfect deep fake porn, or otherwise artificially generated porn, accurately tailored to the tastes of an individual.

You can purchase the new Autoblow AI here.

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