The Five Best AI Masturbators For Men In 2023

Syncbot AlphaZen neural network

We have come a long way from the age of cheap male sex toys that were little more than mildly effective alternatives to your hand. Today we are truly in the age of the AI masturbator, where groundbreaking advances in artificial intelligence are employed to produce out-of-this-world sex toys that expertly bring you off by realistically replicating female orifices, even in real-time with a porn video, webcam girl, or remote lover. Here is a regularly updated list of the very best AI masturbators you can buy today in 2023.

Quick List Of The Top Five AI Masturbators

1. The Syncbot
2. The AutoblowAI
3. The Handy
4. The Keon
5. The Lovense Max 2

The Top Five AI Masturbator Ranking List

1 # Syncbot

The Syncbot is the first haptic sex toy that does the work for you, synching automatically with the action in the porn video you are watching. Instead of requiring an individual tailor-made script for every different video, the Syncbot is intelligent enough to analyze any video itself. It can understand the actions on screen and reproduces the motions and sensations in real-time. Using an AI the developers have termed ‘PornGPT’, built with over 3.2 million hours of machine learning, it can not only recognize that a blowjob is being performed in the video you are watching but replicate the exact motion of the sucking, including speed and depth. It’s a quantum leap forward in the combination of AI and haptic sex toys, bringing a whole new level of immersion to the experience of jerking off to porn. No other male masturbator currently on the market can do what the Syncbot can.

SyncBot Top AI masturbator

Pros Of The Syncbot

  • No need for scripts – the Syncbot can analyze any video and then reproduce every sensation and motion as you watch.
  • Can stroke, rotate, and contract, even at the same time, at various levels of intensity.
  • Very easy to set up – just insert the Synchub into your laptop, then drag and drop any video from your porn stash for quick analysis.
  • Incredible AI masturbator with an infinity of possible sensations, even without synching it to porn.

Cons Of The Syncbot

  • It cannot yet sync with VR porn videos, but that is expected to be coming soon.

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2 # AutoblowAI+

The Autoblow has evolved over the years from being a crude and noisy ‘blowjob machine’, to a bonafide AI masturbator that is sophisticated and pleasing. Several years ago, it became the first AI masturbator, employing machine learning applied to hundreds of blowjob videos, to discover the ‘perfect blowjob’ algorithm. The very latest updated version can be paired with an app that gives it voice control, downloadable blowjobs, and the potential for long-distance lovers or webcam girls giving you remote virtual blowjobs.

Pros Of The Autoblow AI+

  • Downloadable blowjobs based upon AI machine learning analysis of thousands of hours of blowjob videos.
  • Voice control via smartphone app.
  • Smartphone app allows for remote blowjobs.
  • Quieter and more powerful than previous versions of this best selling sex toy.

Cons Of The Autoblow AI+

  • Does not synch with porn videos.
  • Large and awkward for ‘hands free’ use.

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3 # The Handy

The Handy is an AI masturbator that has proven very popular amongst hardcore VR porn fans, with its ability to be paired with adult VR video ‘scripts’ that synch the actions of the toy with the video. Something that sets it about from just about every other top masturbator on the market is that its sleeve is external to the toy itself. Depending on your own taste, this either makes using it while watching porn easier or more difficult. Although the sleeve looks pretty simple, it’s manually adjustable, and the motor of the toy can power it up to 600 pumps per minute.

Pros Of The Handy

  • Syncs With VR Porn Videos.
  • External detachable sleeve is super easy to clean.

Cons Of The Handy

  • Many dislike the novel external sleeve feature and find it awkward to use, while others disagree.

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4 # Kiiroo Keon

A compact, yet powerful AI haptic masturbator that works with a Kiiroo Feel Stroker masturbation sleeve. It can connect with other interactive toys in the Kiiroo range for remote sex possibilities, as well as synching with both 2D and VR porn videos (scripts required).

Pros of the Kiiroo Keon

  • Reaches up to 230 strokes per minute.
  • Connects with other Kiiroo sex toys.
  • Synchs with both 2D and VR porn videos.

Cons of the Kiiroo Keon

  • You need to buy a Kiiroo Feel Stroker sleeve in addition
  • Requires scripts to synch with porn videos.

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5 # Lovense Max 2

The Max 2 is the premium interactive masturbator in the Lovense range of sex toys

Pros Of The Max 2

  • 3D 360 multi-textured masturbation sleeve that can contract to mimic vaginal contractions.
  • Has both vibration and suction modes.

Cons Of The Max 2

  • May not fit well-endowed men.
  • Is very noisy.
  • Need to purchase a dongle to connect with interactive content.
  • Need to buy scripts to synch with porn videos.

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