The Best VR Girlfriend Experiences For Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day weekend is here, and perhaps you’re looking to find love – or at least satisfy your lust – in virtual reality this year. I think it’s fair to say two things about sexual love in our present times. Firstly, that it’s perhaps never been harder as it is today, for a single person to find a date, or at least go on a date, when most of the world has been imposing social distancing measures and lockdowns for nearly 12 months. On the other hand, with the advent of VR and virtual reality porn, and with the latest generation of headsets such as the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Reverb g2, it’s never been so easy for a single man to find some sweet sexy loving – or at least a simulacrum of it – without even having to leave his home.

So what makes the perfect VR GFE (‘girlfriend experience’) in virtual reality, and which of the top sites do it best? As it happens, a similar question was posted on the unofficial Oculus Porn Reddit recently, which makes for quite interesting reading. There seems to be a consensus that such videos, well done, are quite hard to find in VR. In the majority of movies, even those billed as GFE videos, or in which it is spelled out that the actress is your girlfriend or wife, the action usually starts very quickly. And when there does happen to be some smooching, it’s over and done pretty rapidly too, simply as a brief ‘scene setter’ to the main course.

Things are very different in the world of Japanese VR porn. Despite the deserved reputation of the Japanese adult industry for kinkiness and perversion, Japanese VR porn really does produce the best GFE videos, by some margin. Perhaps this is because of the huge number of Japanese single men who appear to have dropped out of the dating scene, and find their romantic and sexual solace in anime and hentai, ingenious sex toys, and now in virtual reality?

Take for example the following VR porn video featuring the gorgeous JAV actress Hikari Sakuraba.

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In the movie above you begin by talking to the girl in the street (a rainy Tokyo street), then take her to a restaurant where you sit down and actually share some minutes wining and dining her. Only then do you take her home, and have the natural and deeply fulfilling sex that Japanese VR videos are easily the best at providing. There is no going through the motions as far as the Japanese (half-Latina) actress is concerned. No clearly fake orgasms, exaggerated moans and crazy faces. Just plenty of great sex, as well as smooching and cuddling. You can actually lose yourself in the thought that this babe is your girlfriend. The only problem is that it’s entirely in Japanese, as well as pixellated/censored.

Perhaps the fact that you probably don’t understand a word she’s saying adds to the intimacy and realism of the experience. It should also be noted that in this video, you are actually supposed to be seducing the Japanese girl off the street, and taking her back to your place after the restaurant for a one night stand. Still, that doesn’t really take away from the fact that it’s an excellent example of how good and intimate Japanese VR ‘girlfriend experience’ type videos can be.

Japanese VR porn site R18, which has all the new releases of just about every Japanese VR studio, is currently running a 30% off deal for Valentine’s Day.

R18 Japanese Valentines Day Offr

For myself, the only site that can really compare to the best Japanese studios for authentic girlfriend experiences, is VirtualRealPorn – the original VR site, and still in my opinion very much one of the top five. The soft candle like lighting that VirtualRealPorn generally use lends itself to a more romantic and intimate air, and when they go all out to make a GFE, the result is usually way above what most of the other sites seem capable of. And one video that often gets mentioned in discussions as to the best VR GFE video is their ‘Waking Up – Lights On’ classic starring Russian/Finnish babe Kinuski.

Watch the Full Movie at VirtualRealPorn

A different version of the same video was released on the same week, with brighter lighting, and called ‘Waking Up – Lights Off’. VirtualRealPorn were apparently trying to gauge which kind of lighting viewers preferred.

VirtualRealPorn are currently running a special Valentine’s Day promotion with a lifetime membership costing just $199. I would suggest that’s a great deal for the original VR site that has already been online for 6 years and could well be around for another 60 (can you imagine what VR porn will be like in the year 2081!!).

Another good site for natural VR GFE videos is SexBabesVR. As it happens (and like most of the top VR porn sites) they are also having a Valentine’s Day sale, with up to 74% off. Take the recent example of 19 year old teen Isabella Della in ‘One Night Stand’.

Watch the Full Movie at SexBabesVR

As to how to improve the immersiveness and realism of virtual reality girlfriend experiences, then I would suggest that Western producers first of all look more closely at Japanese VR porn for inspiration. In particular, they could have some more intimate pre-sex scenes, and longer lead ups that include ‘dating’ scenes, even outdoors at a cinema or restaurant for example, as in the JAV video I highlighted at the start. However, none of this will work unless the acting is convincing, which it often isn’t in Western VR porn. The standard of acting in VR has been a bug bear of mine for some time. So many Western VR porn producers still seem not to have got the message that the whole attraction of sex in VR is the illusion that it’s real. It’s not simply wank material. Therefore, the acting has to be spot on – so good that you don’t notice it. Instead, for some bizarre reason, actresses in VR porn seem to intentionally ham up the acting element, often faking the orgasms to a ridiculous degree, making stupid cross eyes and so on. We want LESS acting, not MORE! In fact, as I suggested in that old article of mine, perhaps it would be better if VR studios tried hiring more amateurs, if they can’t find girls who can act. Alternatively, get the girls to have sex with their real life boyfriends in VR. Surely it can’t be hard to do this, as the male actors in VR don’t even have to show their faces.

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