Berlin ‘Cybrothel’ Partners With BadoinkVR For Special Sex Doll Scene

ft. image BadoinkVR Kokeshi sex doll with Angie Lynx

A sex tech minded ‘Cybrothel’ has partnered with top VR porn site BadoinkVR to film a special scene that was released this week. ‘Kokeshi’ is the star attraction at Berlin’s sex doll brothel. As of last year, one hour with Kokeshi cost 80 Euros ($90), with the most ‘AI’ feature of the luxury doll being some voice interaction, but it appears that the owners of the brothel have some very ambitious plans for her and her abilities, hoping to make her the center of an advanced ‘adult playground‘, that incorporates cutting edge AI, sex tech, and virtual reality. So it makes sense that the ‘Cybrothel’ has partnered with one of the most innovative VR porn sites – BadoinkVR – to film a special VR porn movie that features both their doll Kokeshi, and pornstar Angie Lynx.

According to a Badoink representative posting on Reddit :

Guys, we’ve been working really hard on this scene. This bonus scene is really something else and we absolutely can’t wait to hear your thoughts about it.

Fuck Angie Lynx as Kokeshi in 7K 180-degree stereoscopic virtual reality. Are you ready to travel to another dimension? You better be. Welcome to the Cybrothel, an immersive virtual reality experience with high-tech sex doll Kokeshi and Finnish superstar, Angie Lynx. Put on your Quest 2, Go, or Vive and stream or download this unique VR journey. Cross dimensions, mix reality with fantasy and discover your deepest desires. Slide your dig between Angie Lynx’s big tits, watch her give you the best blowjob of your life, and fuck her all the way to climax. Brace yourself, oh explorer of hidden dimensions. You’re in for a wild ride.

Angie Lynx in ‘Kokeshi’ – Official Trailer

Fuck Her Now In VR

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