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I came across an interesting YouTube video detailing the history of sex toys from the very first pre-historic fertility carvings to the RealTouch virtual sex device.

30,000 BC : Upper Paeolithic Art figurines represent females with highly accentuated sexual attributes, such as large breasts and wide hips. Although most experts consider them to have represented fertility godesses, the video suggests they may have been used as sex toys. Another object found in the same region dating to the same period, appears to represent a male phallus. However, professor Nicholas Conard has speculated that, due its polished appearance, it may be the earliest known dildo.

2,400 BC : Ancient Greece – An ‘olisbos‘ was a dildo made from leather or wood, mentioned in Greek literature as early as 500 BC. It is known that from at least 350 BC, olive oil was used as a lubricant to be applied on an olisbos.

300 AD : India – In the Kama Sutra, penis extenders are mentioned, along with instructions on how to make them.

500 AD : China – The invention of Ben Wa Balls, used to increase men’s pleasure during sexual intercourse.

1200 : China – The first documented use of cock rings, made from the eyelids of goats (including eye lashes).

1500 : Rennaissance Italy – The Ancient Greek ‘olisbos’ is popular, and still made from wood or leather with olive oil to lubricate it. It’s name has evolved into ‘dildo’.

1600 : The modern cock ring and clitoral stimulator invented.

1750 : The appearance of BDSM. European brothels began to specialize in flagellation and other voluntary SM-style ‘punishments’ for clients.

1869 : Debut of the first vibrator. A large and cumbersome steam-powered apparatus.

1882 : The first electro-mechanic vibrator.

1890’s : The first porn movies feature women playing with sex toys, including the use of strap-on dildos.

1899 : The first advertisement for a home electric vibrator – the ‘Vibratile’ is published in McClure’s magazine.

1900- 1920’s : Popularization of the vibrator as electricity became widely available in US homes.

1907 : The penis stiffener, designed for use by men with erectile problems.

Circa 1930 : Development of latex rubber allows for production of better condoms and diaphragms.

1980’s to present
: Pyrex glass dildos, G-spot vibrators, egg shaped vibrators, Lelo golden vibrator.

2007 : The Fleshlight debuts.

2010 : The Future – The Robo-vagina (RealTouch).

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