Is A Lifetime Subscription To SexLikeReal Worth It…Or Even Safe?

SexLikeReal Worth It.

SexLikeReal is the biggest ‘hub’ of VR porn there is, as well as producing fine original content of their own under the studio name of ‘SexLikeReal Originals’. Membership gives you access to not only all that original content, but the video releases of dozens of other leading pay sites AND independent studios. Of course, all that content doesn’t come cheap, and SexLikeReal boasts the priciest membership of all the VR porn sites, especially the ‘lifetime membership’ option. Nominally priced at $1,499, in actuality, it is always massively ‘discounted’, usually to $699 – which still isn’t cheap. So is paying almost twice as much as for the Quest 2 headset, for a VR porn site membership, actually worth it?

The Future Of VR Porn…Or ‘Sexual Wellness’?

SexLikeReal like to boast that they are pushing VR porn forwards, and many people agree. Their original productions are widely praised and often have production values that exceed most of the top VR porn studios, as well as an inventiveness that is usually only found in Japanese virtual reality porn. Still shooting in 6K, though their highly active representative maintains that the difference in 6K and 8K (and 7K) is overrated for the present generation of headsets, and also correctly points out that many have doubts as to whether the ‘8K’ of certain studios is in fact original 8K resolution (rather than ‘upscaled’ post-production).

But it’s probably in their enthusiasm for sex toy scripts that allow VR porn fans to experience hundreds of their videos with the latest haptic masturbators, such as the Handy or the new Lovense Calor, that confirms their claim to be at the cutting edge of adult VR tech. Still, they do not have that market to themselves. For example, Czech VR also have hundreds of their videos synched with sex toys.

There is no doubt that SexLikeReal are a huge company and one that is very much both forward looking, and apparently 100% committed to advancing VR porn. It came as a surprise therefore, and caused concern to many, when last year their rep announced that SLR were considering a transition into becoming a ‘sexual wellness’ company. This happend shortly after the ‘crack down’ on porn sites by Visa and Mastercard. At the same time, SLR also announced a purge of a number of their categories, including ‘pissing’, that disappeared from their search results, as a result of fears that they could become blacklisted by the aforementioned payment processors.

More recently, an affiliate program (HighTechBucks) for a number of studios that appear on SLR, inclduing SexLikeReal originals, and run by the same company that does the SLR affiliate program, announced at short notice that they would be shutting down.

Sexual Wellness For Female Friendly Masturbation

‘Sexual wellness’ appears to be quite recent buzz word that is used most often in the context of female sexual pleasure, and in particular female masturbation, as well as porn for women – itself usually termed ‘female erotica’. However, according to the World Health Organization, it means ‘a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well being concerning sexuality’. Now what most VR porn fans will want to know is does that definition include jacking off to hardcore VR porn videos featuring JAV models getting gangbanged and bukkaked, or your 18 year old Russian stepsister seducing you after catching you spying on her naked selfie session? As far as joining SLR is concerned, the question is, if I join through the lifetime membership of $699 today, will I be experiencing in 2030 VR porn in 32K resolution 6dof, with AI and real time photo realistic rendering allowing me to dictate the action in an infinite variety of ways, with fully immersive tactile feel…

…or will I simply be choosing from a number of ‘sexual wellness’ VR videos that teach me how to better please my woman in bed?

What Redditors At Oculus NSFW Have To Say

I recently posed this question about SexLikeReal, their plans for ‘sexual wellness’, and the soundness of dropping $699 on a lifetime membership, at the largest subreddit for VR porn – r/oculusnsfw. Almost immediately, another redditor posted this reply – ‘Thought of this as well good question.’ In fact, the thread has been upvoted 43 times, with 94% upvote rate.

Redditor ‘workbringsfreedome’ pointed out that all lifetime memberships carry risk, although SLR, like most others, are worth it if you would have subscribed for more than 2 years or so.

Any business including SLR can go bankrupt or just turn to shit and ur lifetime deal will be worthless.

I have been monthly subs on their website for now but if u do the math after 2 years of monthly sub u will pay the same amount as lifetime. So u have to decide urself if u believe u’d sub to them for 2 years or longer for the lifetime to be worth it.

Meanwhil, 5bags2sodas gave a very balanced appraisal of where SLR is at, and where it appears to be going.

To me, SLR is all over the place at the moment and really needs to find its feet before I’d ever consider more than a monthly sub from time to time.

The “sexual wellness” tagline means absolutely nothing, and repeated promises of updates that never materialise, plus occasionally desperate sounding pleas for staff don’t fill me with confidence. The recent soft announcement on DLNA and the eventual u-turn doesn’t give me the impression they have a grasp on what their customers care about, and of course he who shall not be named has an attitude towards critical feedback that stinks to high heaven.

On the plus side, I don’t see any other studio as persistently committed to the medium. Many of SLR’s thousands of third party videos are garbage, so I discount the “look how many we’ve got!” sell, but it’s clear they’re investing heavily and it’s a reasonable argument that they’re not responsible for the quality of other studios.

I’d just like to see them deliver on their oft-announced grand plans in a consistent and stable way before I consider supporting more substantially.

‘Bored–engineer’ had confidence that SLR was a studio that was as cutting edge and forward thinking as they come, and that this is what matters most in a lifetime membership.

I don’t think they’re going to drop their core business any time soon. They’re very clearly highly invested in the distribution of VR porn and that’s as positive a sign as you could ever see. The medium will undergo another evolution as AR devices become prevalent and SLR is one of the few entities I can see actually embracing that. Their rep on here is often obnoxious, and I dislike the recent updates to their player but on the whole they’ve come a long way in a short time and show commitment to improvement that basically nobody else does.

I think your concern may be slightly misdirected. When I consider the future of VR and AR porn I’m more concerned about a situation like Brazzers. 10 years ago there was no doubt Brazzers would be making porn today, but they’ve refused to keep up with the tech. SLR seems dedicated to being on the forward edge with scripts, new cameras, original content, etc. So when the status quo shifts, and it will, SLR is a lot more promising than most to bet on shifting with it.

And ‘justsomedude102’ did perhaps the best job of answering my concerns directly.

Well…there’s a lot to talk about here, so I’ll just share some of my opinions as not only someone who has worked for SLR for checks watch about 4 weeks, but much more as someone who has been actively involved in the community there for a couple of years.

Here’s the original forum post
about the concept of Sexual Wellness. I get that here in the US there’s that immediate reaction of “sounds like Hippie talk”, but from that post it seems like it’s about broadening the appeal and engaging more folks who might otherwise be turned off by a “hardcore porn site”. More SLR Originals are coming out that ever, more new & independent studios are being brought on every month…why would we suddenly stop all that to do nothing but blog…?

The “purge” happened because payment processors were clamping down
on what was permitted. When this happens, you don’t have a choice in the matter. No one from the SLR team or from the user side wanted to have these scenes removed, but again- we don’t have any say in it: we either do it, or we no longer can accept payments and exist as a company. Other sites were also affected, for example with having to remove and re-edit scenes featuring alcohol. But unfortunately because of SLR’s huge catalog of scenes and significant amount of niche content (for example the pissing content), it was much more visible on our site than on many other sites who don’t feature this type of content in the first place.

The official SLR rep sadly, wasn’t so insightful as he normally is on other threads. He did not really answer my concerns, or the concerns of others in the thread. What SLR means or meant by ‘sexual wellness’ is still highly vague. And his response to the sudden closure of the HighTechBucks affiliate program was essentially ‘who cares’ (‘affiliate market is dead anyway’).

So Is A Lifetime Membership Of SexLikeReal Worth It And A Safe Bet?

I think lifetime memberhips in general are extremely safe bets, especially from the top studios. Lifetime membership of SLR is however, VERY expensive, and with the concerns I raised not entirely addressed, then I would suggest it does warrant a lot of careful consideration. In the case of SexLikeReal, the cost ratio of lifetime versus annual is just under 3:1 (meaning if you would have taken out 3 annual subscriptions, you would have saved with a lifetime membership). This is slightly more than other top studios such as VirtualRealPorn and VR Bangers. Also, bear in mind that another top VR studio – Naughty America – controversially made access to some of their content unavailable to members (who would have to pay additional fees to view it). There is no guarantee that a studio such as SexLikeReal might not do the same at a future point.

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