Pipedream Launches Lightweight Realistic Sex Doll

mandy - lightweight realistic sex doll

Meet Mandy - UFD Pipedream lightweight sex doll

Sex dolls are becoming cheaper, more realistic, and lighter. The weight of a sex doll might not seem like a deal clincher when choosing one of these (still) rather expensive products, but as an owner of a realistic adult doll, if you want it to be portable – even just to move it around into a different sex position – then weight matters.

And when it comes to the continued growth in sales of realistic sex dolls, it’s the weight factor that has been the factor that has improved the slowest and represents the biggest road block to these things becoming even more popular. The introduction of TPE materials rather than silicone helped a little, but the major benefit was in bringing the cost of the dolls down massively. The major hurdle is the internal frames of life-like sex dolls, which are still most often made of durable stainless steel. Until this problem is solved, real sex robots too are going to be a long way off from mass market.

So it’s something of a surprise to see that American sex toy company ‘Pipedream’, which has gradually moved into the realistic sex doll market, announce the introduction of ‘Mandy’ – a 72lb and yet 5ft 4 doll that is being touted as one of the lightest on the market.

It’s a mystery as to how Pipedream have managed to keep the weight of Mandy down, as the beautiful and athletic girl (she comes complete with ripped abs) has a steel frame inside of her. Whatever the reason, it’s good news if some secret technical advance has been made to produce an impressively realistic doll, big enough to be confident of not falling foul of vague obscenity laws, yet lightweight enough to easily move her around on the bed and then into your cupboard or store room after use.

Mandy costs just $1,999 and can be bought at Ultimate Fantasy Dolls.

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