PornHub Vice-President On Virtual Reality

The vice-president of PornHub, the most visited adult site online, discusses how he sees the future of porn, including of course, virtual reality.

Is PornHub going to adapt to the rise in virtual reality?

We definitely have plans to integrate VR into the site, with rollout likely beginning on our Premium platform. We’ll be looking to support the Oculus Rift first and foremost (with others potentially on the horizon). The Oculus makes the most sense to develop for at the moment given its brand recognition, so that’s why it’s our initial choice. But it’ll work the same way most videos and/or games work on VR — you feel as if you’re really there in front of the actors. The device’s gyroscope, magnetometer, accelerometers, and 360-degree field of view will all play into the porn experience ideally. And now, with several third party sex toy peripherals (i.e. the TwerkingButt), people can enhance their experience ten-fold.

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