Roxxxy Sex Robot Version 2.0

Exciting news regarding TrueCompanion’s famous Roxxxy, the world’s first sex robot that was launched in January.  A new upgraded Roxxxy has been anounced that attempts to rectify some of the failings of the original model.  Namely, the fact that she had the face of an inflatable love doll and appeared to be paralysed.  The new Roxxxy is not only much better looking, but she has a degree of movement, being able to buck her head and hips as though she is responding to being taken from behind, as well as the ability to hold your hand.

Despite a degree of ridicule over the limitations of the first Roxxxy, the makers claim that thousands of their sexbots have already been sold.  If that’s true, then with the apparent (and speedy) advances made by version 2.0, it looks like the age of the sex bot may truly have dawned.

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