Scientists Enable Realistic Touch In VR


touch of Gods

A breakthrough in enabling highly realistic touching of the skin in virtual reality has been widely reported this week. Published as a peer reviewed paper in the respected Nature journal, the scientists claim to have invented a ‘skin machine’ composed of lightweight sheets of electronics that employ a combination of pressure, vibration and motion to simulate the sense of touch for users.

“The whole process is very complex,” the paper states. “The sense of touch is a collection of several sensations, encompassing pressure, pain and temperature. Until now, it has been a great challenge to incorporate sensations of touch into virtual and augmented reality.

“In comparison to the eyes and the ears, the skin is a relatively underexplored sensory interface for VR and AR technology that could, nevertheless, greatly enhance experiences at a qualitative level, with direct relevance in areas such as communication, entertainment and medicine.”

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Don’t know about you guys, but personally I can’t fucking wait….

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