Sex Workers Say VR Sex Wont Replace Them

by | December 30, 2015

Sex workers in the USA have spoken out on the topic of virtual reality porn, according to several media reports today, with several claiming that it wont replace prostitution.

“I agree that virtual reality technology will unavoidably change the sex industry, but I feel that it will more likely replace pornography than prostitution,” wrote one sex worker identified as Marly, who works at the Nevada-based legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch.

“I think it will take more than a ‘sex simulator’ to put me out of business, mainly because I offer so much more than sex. But, I suppose only time will tell.”


However, the sex worker’s confidence that vr porn wont put them out of a job didn’t stop them voicing their fears that virtual sex will replace human affection and real relationships – a viewpoint of course mirrored by anti-sex feminists and religious nuts.

“If men begin to rely on virtual environments to satisfy their sex life, rather than having a legal courtesan help them overcome their sexual anxieties, they will be less inclined to date real-life women and more likely to be trapped in a less-fulfilling virtual world,” adds Red Diamonds.