DS Doll Robotics Showcase Ever More Fluid Sexbot Movements

DS Doll robot movement showcased

DS Doll Evolution dolls 2

I’ve tended to be a bit of a sceptic when it comes to sex robots and their likely appearance any time soon, but Chinese company DS Doll Robotics really do look like they are on course to produce the real thing. Following them on Social Media and their regular updates, does leave you with the impression that very rapid advances are being made at their labs and factories. While other ‘sex robot’ makers appear to be focusing on making sex dolls that can give pre-recorded answers to banal questions (in a Scottish accent mind), DS Doll Robotics are making robots that have increasingly fluid and lifelike ranges of motion, from fingers to facial expressions, as well as getting past the uncanny valley in terms of physical appearance. The robots even look fairly lightweight. I’m even starting to believe that sex robots that could actually walk around your house and get on the bed themselves to position themselves for sex, really might be just around the corner.

Now let’s just hope that when they do go on sale, they are not ‘Westernized‘ for us…

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