SexLikeReal Bans Russian VR Cam Performers

Russian VR porn model Ivi Rein

One of the leading VR porn ‘hubs’ – SexLikeReal – has stopped showing Russian VR cam models, apparently out of solidarity with Ukrainians in their plight against Putin’s marauding army. The move has proven controversial among VR porn fans, including SexLikeReal members. A large number of VR porn cam performers are from either Russia or the Ukraine. Banning Russian cam girls is a double blow for fans of live VR chat, as most of the Ukrainian models have likewise disappeared. In their case, not because they have been banned, but because they have either fled their country to escape Putin’s bombs, or if they stayed behind, their Internet access has been disrupted by the war.

When asked on Reddit whether it was fair to punish Russian VR cam girls because of Putin’s actions, the chairman of SLR gave a typically forthright answer – “We don’t want to be a part of Russian economy. That’s it“.

SLR’s blanket ban on Russian live VR girls doesn’t extend to Russian actresses in VR porn movies. The likes of Ivi Rein and Gina Gerson are still featured in the SLR video archive.

SexLikeReal has recently made a public showing of demonstrating its ethical principles, even going so far as to consider the idea of transforming from a hardcore site to a ‘sexual wellness’ resource. VR cams is still a small niche within virtual reality porn, although it is becoming increasingly popular as the number of models increase and the tech for streaming live in VR improves. One furious Redditor pointed out that the move would represent handing business to their biggest competitors.

So politics > merit? Porn is porn dude. Hot looking female talent of caucasian background who is NOT OVER WEIGHT already lacking in North American market, and you are basically handing business to your biggest competitor czechvr for FREE now? lol…

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Russian bombshell Ivi Rein (above) still appears in SexLikeReal’s library (here starring for VirtualRealPorn). To be honest, I’m not sure how fucking beautiful Russian sluts in the ass in virtual reality, then shooting sperm into their eager mouths, is supporting Putin’s invastion of Ukraine anyway.

You can read more about SexLikeReal’s decision to ban Russian VR cam girls at their own forum.

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