Scientists develop 3-D holograms you can touch

Haptic technology and total immersion VR are both making great strides, but when it comes to virtual reality, many people have visions of Star Trek style holograms that you can interact with and that are indistinguishable from the real thing.  Scientists in Japan have now taken that vision a step closer with the development of touch sensitive 3D holograms.

The hologram is able to ‘sense’ when it is being touched, activating a tactile feedback that gives the individual a realistic sensation of touching.  The technology employs ordinary Nintendo Wii Remotes, raising the tantalizing prospect that we could soon be seeing virtual reality games appearing on the market…and of course, virtual sex entertainment.

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Xhumanist has been writing on porn/sex tech for nearly two decades, and has been predicting the rise of VR and AR porn, as well as AI porn, and their coming together to produce fully 'immersive porn', which would be indistinguishable from the real thing, and create a society of 'sexual abundance'. He identifies as a digisexual, and has been quoted in Wired Magazine.

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