VR Bangers Launch World Cup Competition

VRB World Cup 2022

The 2022 World Cup currently playing out in Qatar is the second* to take place since VR porn started to take off in the mid 2010’s. Last time around in Russia, several of the top sites marked the occasion by releasing special soccer related videos featuring multiple girls. Probably the most memorable of these was produced by VR Bangers, in a ‘VRB World Cup’ movie that starred no less than 12 girls dressed in various national team outfits.

Fuck Them All Now In VR

The 2018 video above featured a ‘blowjob challenge’ as part of the script. The girls representing different World Cup teams were supposedly competing with each other to show who could suck your cock the best. Well this time the idea has been taken a little further, and there is a real element of competition, as members of VR Bangers can vote to decide which of the girls sucked their dick the most exquisitely, to decide who wins!

2022 VRB World Cup

A VR Bangers rep explained a little further :

Introducing the VRB World Cup 2022 – the one and only, ultimate soccer competition that is the perfect combination of this amazing sport and some of the hottest immersive VR porn moments. We’re giving you some of the most popular VR xxx actresses that you know and love from our previous releases – and it will only be up to you which one of them is going to become the champion of this prestigious tournament. This year’s roster includes Avery Black representing Spain, Laney Grey representing Brazil, Eliza Ibarra representing France, Maddy May representing Mexico, Nicole Kitt representing Germany, Anna Claire Clouds representing England, and Chanel Camryn being the hot referee. Each one of those hot girls will represent a country and has a chance to win this tournament – at the same time getting acknowledged by you, our devoted fans, and gaining even more recognition on our premium VR porn website.

When you’re going to pay a visit to this dedicated subpage, you’ll be able to cast your vote and choose your favorite VR sex model – the entire initiative will start in less than one week (on Monday, 12/05), yet you can already go to this section of our page and take a look at the available candidates. Click on each of these hot girls and read a little bit more about every single one of them – the better you’re gonna get prepared now, the easier it will be for you to make a proper decision a week from now. And when it gets to the entire organization of this year’s tournament – it will happen during three interconnected stages.

Stage one, happening between 12/05 and 12/11, will allow you to enjoy the blowjob VR porn movies with every single of the abovementioned girls – they’ll be divided into pairs, and you’ll be voting for your favorite girl from each pair. Three of the best pairs of lips are going to advance to stage two (between 12/12 and 12/15), during which it will all become even more interesting, as you’ll actually get to bang all those hot soccer players – and pick your favorite one, the champion of VR Bangers World Cup 2022! Then on 12/16, we will announce the big winner and release the last episode of this initiative – with a combined VR porn scene that will include sex also with the hot referee.

Take a look at our special website today, cast your vote in a week from now (and one more time a week later), and choose the winner of the VRB World Cup 2022! We’re counting on you, guys!

The gorgeous cast is even lovelier than in 2018, although it’s disappointing that VR Bangers could not have a VR pornstar representing their own country (a little like FuckPassVR). As it is, it’s mainly American girls in the outfits of the various teams.

*Technically, there was VR porn available during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, as VirtualRealPorn, or rather ‘OculusRealPorn’ as it was still called, began in April 2014.

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