3DXChat Announces Support for Lovense Interactive Sex Toys

3dxchat metaverse

Digital 3D adult metaverse 3DXChat has announced a collaboration with one of the leading brands in haptic interactive sex toys – Lovense. The partnership means that Lovense toys can now be used in the 3DXChat adult gaming world, synching with the action of your character on screen. Unfortunately, the game still has limited functionality for VR headsets, with support being offered at the current time only for the Oculus Rift CV1.

A 3DXChat rep said, “We are very excited to present our players with such an incredible update. This is the first official integration of this kind on the market and is a very unique project. We are convinced that this is definitely a breakthrough and exactly what people need at the moment.”

“The digitalization of our world has significantly accelerated recently, and the merging of virtual experience with sensory experience will allow millions of people to feel real pleasure and sensations from the safety of their homes with those they love or have just met in the digital universe,” the rep continued.

Lovense to introduce toy integration with 3DXChat VR game.

3D digital porn still hasn’t really reached the point where it turns me on. I’m not if that’s because the realism isn’t quite there yet, or because of the missing psychological element of knowing a real person is involved. Of course, the massive popularity of 3D porn games indicates I may be in a minority here. But what I find exciting about 3DXChat is the fact that online users can have sex with each other’s avatars within the game, and now thanks to this tie-up with Lovense, this can become true virtual sex.

There’s certainly a mountain of dollars to be won for the first company that succeeds in creating an adult community metaverse in virtual reality. 3DXChat are just one of many trying to achieve that goal. One of the leading VR porn studios Naughty America, is also ramping up its efforts in this regard with the recent extension of their ‘3D creator‘, which allows users to create their own adult VR environments and share them with others.

One problem holding back the popularity of such adult metaverses is the reluctance of Oculus to allow adult apps on their Oculus Quest headsets (although extremely violent games are of course permitted).

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