Autoblow Release Two New Products – Autoblow AI Ultra and the VacuGlide

AI Autoblow Ultra

The Autoblow has come a long way from the original version of over a decade ago. Hailed as the first blowjob machine, it is true that it did technically suck your dick, it was crude, cheaply made, and made a lot of noise. Most serious male sex toy fans and reviewers saw it as something of a marketing gimmick. Since those days though, the Autoblow has gone through a series of improved iterations, and with each new version evolved into a bonafide high-tech blowjob machine worth the price and the hype. The Autoblow AI was launched in 2019 and, ahead of its time, utilized machine learning to analyze hundreds of blowjob videos in order to produce the perfect blowjob. The Autoblow AI+ made further improvements, including being able to control it with a smartphone app, as well as the ability to ‘download blowjobs’. Now creator Brian Sloan has released the latest version – the Autoblow AI Ultra. The main advance this time is that it synchs with porn videos, enabling you to feel the action in the scenes you are watching on screen, whether blowjob, handjob, or fucking. The Autoblow AI Ultra costs just $219, which is only $20 more than the Autoblow AI. It also comes with over 100 free porn videos ready to enjoy with it. With its new super powers, the Autoblow regains its rightful place as the best blowjob machine in the world.

The Autoblow company also announced the release of a completely new product. The VacuGlide is also a suction machine, but is being marketed as a more general and premium ‘penis milking machine’. Made with an aluminum body, this luxury men’s sex toy has a customizable stroking length, as well as the degree of suction intensity. It’s not cheap at $999, but it is high quality as a pure masturbation machine can get. It’s also currently discounted to $799.

VacuGlide packing 2

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