Cybrothel Berlin Allows You To Roleplay With Ken And Barbie Sex Dolls

Cybrothel Berlin Ken and Barbie

The world’s first and foremost ‘cybrothel’ is aiming to satisfy fans of the hit Barbie movie, by allowing you to roleplay scenes from the movie at their high-tech sex doll brothel in Berlin. Whether you are into (or want to be into) either Ken or Barbie, they have you covered, as both are available as life-size realistic silicone dolls that you can get as intimate with as your heart desires.

According to their full press-release that they kindly shared with :

Role-Playing With Barbie And Ken

At the Doll Brothel Berlin, fans can bring their fantasies to life

Cybrothel Berlin - Barbie sex doll in red dress
‘Barbie’ poses in red dress.

Berlin – From Cybrothel to Barbie-Land: Berlin’s first doll brothel now offers something to
all fans and interested parties that is likely to exceed even their boldest fantasies: Barbie
can be booked there as a lifelike silicone doll for an intimate experience – Ken is available
for free upon request.

With this campaign, Cybrothel Berlin allows fans to immerse themselves in the fantastic
world of Barbie. Customers will engage in an immersive and wild adventure where they
are not just observers, but active participants in the spectacle.
Reenact scenes from the current film with a life-sized silicone Barbie doll? Become the
main character in her life story and her most intimate moments? This experience is
exclusive to Cybrothel Berlin. As long as the film is in theaters, Ken, Barbie’s companion,
can be added for free upon booking. Similar to the film, he serves as decoration and a
spectator to the indulgences of his not-so-innocent girlfriend.
Not only the classic blonde Barbie is available for role-playing at the doll brothel, but also
all other dolls with their individual stories and personalities. After making an online
booking, customers are introduced to their life story by a professional narrator, allowing
them to immerse themselves in a completely different world and be enticed by sexual
fantasies and wild adventures.

Located in Friedrichshain, Cybrothel offers its guests a shame-free and sex-positive
environment where they can explore and fulfill their wildest dreams. Conventional notions
of sexuality and love are meant to be shattered here. It’s a place that challenges
patriarchal norms and creates space for open communication and acceptance. Here,
pleasure takes place without performance pressure or expectations.

In this visionary sex laboratory, even gender roles can be transcended. Through role-
playing with machines, artificial intelligence, fantasy characters, aliens, and much more,
guests explore the sex of the future. For the ultimate immersive experience, it’s also
possible to watch specially produced pornography through a virtual reality headset during
interactions with a doll.

Cybrothel Berlin techno Barbie

As mentioned in their press release, the brothel has VR headsets that can be worn while you bang their dolls, including specially commissioned VR porn content. And back in 2021, no less than the top VR porn studio BadoinkVR partnered with the cybrothel to produce a special movie, starring pornstar Angie Lynx along with star attraction ‘Kokeshi’. Sex tech futurists like myself have long predicted that virtual reality porn combined with sex dolls would become a huge thing, but while a number of sex doll brothels have sprung up around Europe, Cybrothel Berlin appears to be the only one which is putting it into practice.

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