Naughty America Launch New Site Real Pornstars VR (Review)

Real Pornstars VR - Daisey Stone and Emma Starletto

Naughty America have always been at the forefront of high tech porn, being the first 4K porn site, one of the very first VR sites, and for the last several years pioneering augmented reality porn. However, as I related here recently, they have sadly retired their ‘Strip Club’ and AR ambitions, at least temporarily. I speculated that this might be because they had decided to focus their efforts on the growing (but increasingly competitive) VR porn market. It seems that might be the case, as in the last couple of weeks they have officially launched their newest VR porn site – Real Pornstars VR.

And this is truly is a new site, not simply a rebranding of material already available on their Naughty America home site. In fact, it’s quite a departure from the format of Naughty America’s VR movies. Actually, the complete opposite of their famously convulated plotlines and lavish sets. Taking a cue I would assume from the success of SwallowBay, the action has been reduced to a single point of view, taking place in an attractive but minimalist studio (which is the same in every video), with little or not ‘plot’. It’s just you and a pornstar. Unlike SwallowBay, you/the male actor do fuck the pornstar, although mainly from the same reclined position that matches your position in VR (interestingly, SwallowBay released their first fuck video this same week).

RealPornstarsVR Have Taken The Successful Formula Of SwallowBay And Tweeked It

I’m a big fan of the format and style of SwallowBay, and noted in my review of that site how well the consistent studio and static position formula of each video lends itself to a simpler and yet more immersive experience in VR, especially if using a haptic sex toy such as The Handy. The early videos of Real Pornstars VR share a lot of that formula. The studio is the same in each video, attractive with clouds and a hint of pink, pretty without being distracting. Like SwallowBay, the action does remain more or less in one spot. There is an important difference though with the videos of Real Pornstars VR. In each of these videos, there is a penetrative sex, and a wider variety of sex acts, rather than a focus on the blowjobs and deepthroat action of SwallowBay (interestingly, that site released their first fuck video last week). You do also change position in order, for example, to bang the pornstar doggystyle.

Fuck Her Now In VR

Massive boobed pornstar Dee Williams gives you the full services here. First rubbing her huge boobs in your face oiling her boobs before a titty job, sucking your cock (including SwallowBay style deepthroat), and riding you in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. You change position only to give her a doggy style fuck, missionary sex, and finally a titty fuck.

Fuck Her Now In VR

There are already several threesomes featured at the site, and here Payton Presley and Violet Starr pair up to give you a classic pornstar VR GFE.

A Promising New VR Porn Site That Focuses On The Sex

As mentioned above, this new site is a complete departure from the normal convulated plots and detailed studio backdrops of Naughty America. As SwallowBay proved, there is certainly a market for those VR porn fans who want to focus entirely on the sex. Each video is around an hour long, and it really is an intimate and intense experience with a pornstar of your choice. As also noted, this formula works particularly well for interactive sex toys and scripts. It would be particularly intense to experience VR sex with a pornstar with her matching Kiiroo Keon ‘Feelstar’ sleeves, that are apparently realistic models of the pornstar’s vagina (none of the ‘Feelstars’ have been featured on Real Pornstars VR at the time of publication).

Currently Real Pornstars VR is available to join at $14.95 per month. It looks set to offer a new hour long pornstar experience each week. Note that this isn’t the first time Naughty America have launched a new VR porn site. Back in the early days, they launched ‘Real Teens VR’, a stand-along site like this, featuring exclusively young 18-21 ‘teen’ pornstars. With the slowdown in VR porn growth back then, it didn’t continue updating for very long and has now been discontinued. I have an expectation that Real Pornstars VR will do much better and should be around and updating for a long time to come.

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