Smell-O-Vision Coming Soon

3D isn’t the only 50’s fad that is making a more determined come back in the digitial age. Smell-O-Vision, or ‘odor on demand’ also appears to be on the brink of entering the mainstream, according to researchers at Samsung and the University of California.

Fit a television with a palate of ten thousand different tiny quantities of liquids, connect them to a mirco matrix of wires enabling each liquid to be heated seperately, and a apparently you have the ability to generate just about any smell that the human nose is capable of detecting, wafting out from your screen right on cue to match the scene you are watching.

This might not work too well for television – imagine switching scenes from a damp prison cell to a sunny beach – wouldnt each smell linger beyond the scene? But it will have tremendous applications for virtual reality and holographic environments, and that includes pornographic ones. Talking to a girl in 3D, or better still, sitting in front of a high-definition holographic representation of her, and even being able to smell the perfume she is wearing. How good will that be?

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