Virt-A-Mate Twitter Suspended Over Banner

VAM images from new Twitter banner

Virt-A-Mate is a software platform that allows a community of developers and users to create 3D digital characters for virtual reality porn. Advanced rendering techniques, and animation displaying realistic and natural physics, are made available through an ever growing number of user submitted plugins. For example, an ‘AutoLabia‘ plugin ‘automatically adjusts labia spread according to the distance the legs are spaced apart’. Meanwhile, a ‘Penis Controller’ plugin allows you to adjust the erection, angle, size, and the curve’ of the penis on whatever digital character you are designing. There are also countless motion captured animations (using VR controllers) that you can transfer to your own digital character.

I’ve highlighted Virt-A-Mate a number of times here, and have always felt that I was witnessing the future of VR and Metaverse porn take shape in some of the increasingly sophsicated animations and renderings. Mostly, I’ve followed the state of progress of Virt-A-Mate mainly on their official Twitter account, which had grown to 20K followers. Unfortunately, as part of a recent ‘crackdown’ on ‘obscene’ profile banners, Twitter suspended their account permanantely shortly after they reached that landmark of 20K followers.

Virt-A-Mate have not been able to overturn their suspension, but the good news is that they are back, with a more ‘acceptable’ banner and already with nearly 3K followers, and still most certainly one of the most interesting accounts to follow on Twitter for anybody interested in the future of VR porn or sex tech.

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