WankzVR Halts Production – Offers ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ Sale

WankzVR - Stay Home Stay Safe Sale

WankzVR, one of the leading virtual reality porn sites, has temporarily halted production. The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) which acts as a kind of unofficial trade union for the adult industry, asked porn studios to shut down production earlier this week. A number of studios have followed their request, and WankzVR appears to be the first VR porn site to do so.

“We’re entering unprecedented times within our industry and across the globe,” a Foshan Ltd. spokesperson said. “Our priority is on the well-being of our staff, production crews and performers and we simply can’t conduct operations as usual during these difficult times. To responsibly address the threat of COVID-19, and to promote social distancing, we’ve decided to halt new production for the time being.”


WankzVR are offering a special ‘Stay Home and Stay Safe’ sale, with the tagline – ‘quarantine doesn’t have to be boring’. New members get 50% off of their first month’s subscription rate. The sale (hopefully…very hopefully) ends on March 31st.

WankzVR Coronavirus Sale

It’s very much hoped that one silver lining of the coronavirus is that it might lead to more porn consumption, especially of virtual reality porn. However, as I argued a few days ago, with the lack of privacy involved in having entire families shut at home together, it might be unlikely. Subscription take ups will hardly be helped by a lack of new content caused by the studios themselves having to quarantine. People also have other things on their minds at this time, as well as considerable economic uncertainty and worry. I’ve heard that many in the adult industry are already reporting that porn sales have actually declined this week.

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