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Sex dolls are under attack! Or more precisely, the fundamental right of an individual to own a sex doll of his or her choice in his or her own home is under attack by law makers, from the USA to South Korea, to pretty much everywhere.

And sex doll legislation is of course being used preemptively to ban ‘sex robots’, even though such things are really years or even decades away from becoming a real thing.

Buttressing these attempts by often professional ‘anti-sexbot campaigners’ to have dolls and sex robots banned, are hysterical media stories about the dangers of such things – they will increase gender violence, potentially kill their owners, encourage perversion etc, even when the research suggests these things are untrue or exaggerated. Most shamefully, some of these headlines are generated by the ‘sex robot’ companies themselves seeking a little clickbait short-term media attention, never mind the potential long term consequences for the future legality of any ‘sex robot industry’.

Despite sex dolls ever increasing in popularity and now hundreds of thousands of realistic life-size models now being old around the world each year, and despite the eager interest millions of men clearly have with the idea of sex robots, not much resistance is being put up to oppose the legislative efforts that might end up banning these things completely.

However there is one ‘pro sex doll’ Twitter activist who I’m familiar with, and ‘Lacy Liberty’ does such a good job that any supporters of sex dolls, sex robots, future sex tech in general, and just basic human rights and freedoms, should certainly follow her.

I finally spent nearly $3,000 last years on buying my first realistic sex doll. Living in Europe, which is already subjected to rather vague laws on indecency in the name of ‘child protection’, I felt to be on the safe side, that I had to deliberately choose the model with the biggest breasts (even though I’m not really a big tit fan). I also felt I had to purchase the biggest ‘life-size’ model, even though the major drawback of these dolls (and even more with ‘sex robots’) is their sheer weight. So I got my sex doll, and it has freakishly large breasts, and is way too big and heavy to fit in my wardrobe after use (in fact, just carrying it to the wardrobe would be hard, and I’m quite a strong guy).

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