VR Bangers Announce Acquisition Of VR Conk

Immersive VR Bangers take over VR Conk featured

VR Bangers, which is currently ranked number four on our list of the top VR porn sites, has announced that it has acquired rival site VR Conk. The latter is a much smaller site, but known for its innovation. We currently rank it number 21 on our list. As reported by industry magazine XBiz, the company sees this acquisition as just the start of ‘endless’ expansion for the ambitious studio.

“This is one of many steps that we have planned forward,” said Boris Smirnoff, CTO of VR Bangers. “We want to ultimately create an almost-endless network that would consist of all kinds of VR porn fantasies, types and styles. We have always wanted to give our fans solutions to each one of their sexual fantasies and we believe that the continuous expansion is the best way to achieve this goal.”

There had obviously already been some tie-up between the two sites before this, as the AR Conk augmented reality app was being sold on the VR Bangers site for over a year. I had also noticed that VR Bangers were releasing some videos that had a very ‘VR Conk’ look about them, especially their cosplay videos which they began releasing last year. More recently, design elements of the two sites were similar, such as the ‘Sale’ banners at the top of each site’s home page.

VR Conk attempted to pioneer augmented reality porn with their AR app that was released several years ago, and housed at a sister site with its own domain – ARConk.com. However, it seems that the sluggish growth of the VR porn market, together with the expected boom in AR porn app downloads still not happening, has meant that AR Conk likely did not have the finances to match its ambition. Hopefully, they can imbue their new parent studio with the same ambition and forward looking designs.

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