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I recently reached out to the team behind the exciting new volumetric AR/VR site, hoping to get some more information about them and their plans for adult AR. As well as excited at a new entry into the volumetric AR porn market, I had been impressed by the quality of the volumetric holograms of 3DUncut, which is at least equal to that of existing competitor Naughty America’s efforts. A man named Brandon Gruzen is the CEO of 6DOF Media, which is the company that owns 3DUncut, and I learned that he has ambitions to build a variety of 3D volumetric content platforms under different names and brands. Brandon very kindly agreed to answer in full some questions that I put to him, and here they are below.

Q : How do you film the girls? Is it the same kind of volumetric scanning as RealGirlsNow use, or is it something cheaper?

A : Yes, same technology, but use a different provider than Naughty America/RealGirlsNow. As far as cost, I don’t know what their cost was, but we use an industry leading, enterprise grade system, which produces extremely high quality results as well as is optimized for seamless distribution across the web.

A quick overview for volumetric (3D) video for anyone who doesn’t know. A performer stands in a capture area (a circular space in the center of a larger circle of cameras) and the software stitches the video camera data together to produce a 3D version of them and their performance for use in VR or AR. With that, the viewer can completely control the camera and viewpoint. This is a key differentiator between volumetric and 360 immersive experiences, the latter of which are the standard for most VR porn. 360 experiences are created from a fixed viewpoint and you can look 360 degrees around you, whereas volumetric (3D) video allows for putting the viewpoint in every angle available. IE – walk around performer, lay underneath, stand in the corner, zoom in, zoom out, spin the performer around, etc.

Q : Can the AR holograms be viewed in mixed reality on the Meta Quest Pro, or the Quest 2? I have tried to view them on the Quest 2 passthrough mode and wasn’t successful. Of course, as we know, mixed reality is about to explode with both the Quest 3 and the Apple headset released later this year. So I imagine you have plans for those devices.

A : As of now, engineering for AR passthrough mode on the headset devices hasn’t been an initial focus of ours, but is on our roadmap to optimize for. We primarily are focused on the VR experience for headsets being enjoyable as well as the desktop and mobile AR experience working smoothly. I completely agree that the headset market is going to take another giant leap forward with Apple investing in it and Meta continuing to improve its Quest product.

We’re especially excited about that, because I often have to contextualize for people that we’re still in the Nintendo phase of web based, immersive entertainment. To explain further, we made a very intentional choice to build our product on the web instead of an app so that we could reach as many people as possible – IE anyone with an internet connection. We’ve done apps, it’s a huge pain on many levels. With the current state of headset/mobile/computer graphics processing as well as connectivity speeds, there are limitations on how complex you can make a web based, 3D scene. This is why a lot of our backgrounds on 3D Uncut are basic, because hyper realistic environments use up more device processing power and if the customer is on an underpowered device, there’s a risk the experience will be suboptimal or not playback. I say all that to say, with the improvement in processing power that will come from the newer headsets and the surrounding technology in general, we’re going to be able to expand the experiences and environments we build around our performers.

Q : At present, all your holograms are softcore only. Is that something that will always be the case?

A : We’re open to anything – we envision the site evolving to serve whatever popular creators want to give to their fans. We see ourselves as more of a YouTube/OnlyFans than a production studio, in that we’re really providing the infrastructure to expand creator content into the 3D/immersive/Metaverse realm. The 3D video technology itself is optimized for solo or non intercoarse performances, which is why that’s the trend on our site and why you see the same thing with RealGirlsNow. However, the underlying value proposition of this technology is the sense of presence, of feeling like you’re actually there. So yes, there may be some blurring or artifacts at times with 3D video and the environment may look a little simple (at this point in time), but the key feeling we want fans to take away from 3D video is having the most authentic experience of being next to a real person, without actually being there with them. And personally, I think the holograms themselves are incredible to look at (I’ve been looking at holograms for 7 years and still am amazed by them) and fidelity will only continue to be improved upon with technology advancements, which happen rapidly in this field.

Q : It appears that you have plans for live broadcasts – can you say a little more about that?

A : Yes, this is a very unique feature for our site and our technology provider. We can do a live broadcast of a 3D stream, over the web. We’ve run some tests on it and had some great results. We’re going to be rolling that aspect of the site out more in the coming months. We’re also in the process of building out other features as well in the coming months, which I’d love to provide an update on once released.

If any creators, companies or brands are interested in getting in touch, there’s a contact form on the website or they can email info@6DOFMedia(dot)com.

Sincere thanks to Brandon and

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