Sexperience Mixed Reality Sex Games With Life-Sized Dolls At The Berlin Cybrothel

Cybrothel Cherry VX mixed reality sex game

The famous Berlin Cybrothel continues to push forward with its pioneering attempts to provide a true virtual sex environment, utilizing life-size dolls together with virtual and mixed reality. Whilst other sex doll brothels exist in Europe and elsewhere, the Cybrothel is truly on another level in the sex tech experience that they provide. Late last year, they partnered with Australian VR game developer PolyBay to create a mixed reality sex game that combines two premium silicone sex dolls and the wearing of a VR headset, resulting in a unique and genuine sexperience for the client.

A press release from the Cybrothel explains the concept in more detail :

With the help of VR headsets, users at Cybrothel dive into immersive worlds, experiencing an
unprecedented level of intimacy and passion. Interaction with virtual women, along with lifelike
dolls, provides a multisensory experience: visual, auditory, and introducing a groundbreaking
feature to the market, haptic feedback.


The game Cherry VX was designed from the ground up to enable interaction with a hip
controller. Players use their hips to control a virtual penis in the game, interacting with a virtual
woman in cyberspace, all while being able to feel and touch the real silicone body of a love doll.

Customers can now experience this unique offering in the playful and experimental environment
of Cybrothel itself. One hour of VR gaming combined with two lifelike silicone dolls costs 290
euros, two hours for 359 euros, and the entire night for 459 euros.


Cherry VX is developed and published by the Australian manufacturer Polybay Digital
Entertainment. The developers target all VR platforms, including PC VR (available on Steam,
not available in Germany) and Meta Quest 2 & 3 platforms (available on Patreon). Polybay
focuses on creating exciting experiences exclusively in VR, with the goal of expanding and
refining existing technology in their upcoming games.

The Berlin Cybrothel is not lacking in ambition, and sees itself as building a kind of Silicone Valley of the sex tech world in the heart of Berlin. As well as VR and sex dolls, the Cybrothel seeks to incorporate human voice actors, augmented reality, and AI image generation. Last summer they ran a ‘sex with Barbie‘ roleplay promotion, and in 2021 partnered with top VR porn studio BaDoinkVR to shoot a special scene inside the Cybrothel, featuring actress Angie Lynx and lookalike premium doll ‘Kokeshi’.

It’s certainly something to keep a close eye on, and if you can make the trip to Berlin, pay a visit to and experience for yourself. I hope to post an interview here with the Cybrothel’s founder, Philipp Fussenegger, in the next couple of weeks.

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